Friday, July 23, 2010

SCB Sucks too!

This is sort of like a part 2 from my previous post DBS Is Shit (setting up a corporate bank account). After retrieving my $40,000 cheque from the big-ass fat manager Madelene, I made a call to Standard Chartered Bank's RM. She sent me the form and guided me thru filling the details. In authorised signatories page, there's a box for you to write down any specific instructions. For the years of studying, I have always thought that a big empty box on a worksheet or a form meant "write what you want clearly in your own words". So i wrote, "Group A authorise any amount. Group B requires both signature to authorise any amount."
The RM called and told me to re-word it and im like,

"HUH? Is it not clear enough?"
"Err.. The sentences might be read in other ways and cause misunderstanding."
"Group A only need 1 signature, Group B need 2 signatures. U all work in banks should know what i meant right?"
"Yah. I understand very clearly but cause it's written down so it's better to phrase it more straight forward."
"Hmm.. I don't know how to paraphrase it to make it any clearer. Why don't you tell me what to write."
"Errr... Just say something like, "For any amount, Group A dash 1 to sign and Group B dash 2 to sign.""
Reflecting on this incident as I'm writing made me realise that im indeed a fool and terribly ignorant to even have the intention of defaming them when im the idiot. If they had wanted me to write sentences, they would have drawn lines in the box! How could i not notice!? Did you not know that too?? We have been groomed and so accustomed to writting essays, emails and formal business letters that when we're given an empty box, we under-utilize our ability to express ourselves. From now on, I will make full use of such empty spaces to express myself to the fullest. On a seperate occassion, this SCB lady teller who looks around early thirties was serving me. She passed me the bundle of cash and i asked for an envelope to put them in. The stack was quite thick and she saw me having problem closing the lid and she said to me, "Do you need Skors-stage?"
"Do you need Skors-stage?"
"OH! No need! Thanks!" and i walked out am-chioing in my head, cursing why nobody's with me to hear this!

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