Thursday, July 29, 2010

Utter Disappointment - Nandos

My first trip to Nandos I purposely got off work an hour early, reached there at 530pm only to be greeted by a sign that says, "We're closed at 6pm today!" -_-" 2nd trip there kena super long queue that wasn't moving.

My 3rd trip was yesterday. Dee got there early and got seated immediatly so I quickly parked my car and went up. There weren't any servers when I was at the door so I just stepped in to look for Dee. Suddenly, this really tall ah char raced behind me and called out, "HEY EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME MISS! CAN I HELP YOU?" As if i was trying to cut the queue, steal something or plant a bomb lah! My goodness, I was merely standing there looking around for Dee, which i think is quite obvious ley.. Don't need to raise his voice and make everybody turn their head and give me the dirty look right? Nabey..

Anyway, I finally sat down and we've decided to share the 1/2 Chicken that comes with 2 sides. We chose Peri Chips and Peri Corn for the sides and we requested the waiter to give us an extra plate cause we're sharing. While waiting, I started telling Dee that this Nandos is very different from those in Melbourne and London. Usually the decor is red and green that's more Mexicano, hispanic. But this one has alot of brown and gold, a bit Indo. And there isn't any counter to place your own orders or menu boards to look at. The table tag is a black metal rooster instead of the colourful wooden rooster number tag. The uniform were a bit dull compared to those in Melbourne that had one-liners like, "We don't serve drunk chicks."

When our food came, this was how it looked:
I totally snapped... Do you see anything wrong with this picture?? No??
How bout this?

Not clear enough? Try this with added diagrams:

I really find that Peri Corn very miserable and ridiculous. So outrageous that I went on and on at it and kaobey to Dee last night before I slept and this morning again before I went to work. We had assumed that pricing at $22 would be relatively sumptious for 2 people but it was barely enough. NEVERMIND, I can close an eye on that. But wtf is that piece of corn sooooooo fucking small?? I'm not asking for like 5 and a half rows of corn here, but an equivalent portion to the fries would be reasonable yah!? On the sides menu, it says $3.50 if i remember correctly. I rather eat the $2 bland cup corn at GV..

Even hawker centre chicken chop ah ceks also know what is appropriate portioning.

As if this wasn't appalling enough. After we finished our food, this waiter/OM came to clear our plates. While holding the plate, he stood there and said with a questioning nod (sticking out the chin kinda nod), "How's the food?" Me and Dee were a bit stunned by the abrupt and crude interruption. And there he repeated himself with the questioning nod again. I dunno how you define customer service but without an appropriate opening line like a courteous greeting, shooting a question blankly with the stupid nod is definitely impolite/rude in any social situation. Even if you didn't mean to, you've definitely made yourself appear to be integorative and disrespectful. I won't mind if i know him personally, but him being an operation manager of an international franchise, I really cannot tah han. I'll rate him Double Fail and this Bugis branch can kiss my ass.

Friday, July 23, 2010

SCB Sucks too!

This is sort of like a part 2 from my previous post DBS Is Shit (setting up a corporate bank account). After retrieving my $40,000 cheque from the big-ass fat manager Madelene, I made a call to Standard Chartered Bank's RM. She sent me the form and guided me thru filling the details. In authorised signatories page, there's a box for you to write down any specific instructions. For the years of studying, I have always thought that a big empty box on a worksheet or a form meant "write what you want clearly in your own words". So i wrote, "Group A authorise any amount. Group B requires both signature to authorise any amount."
The RM called and told me to re-word it and im like,

"HUH? Is it not clear enough?"
"Err.. The sentences might be read in other ways and cause misunderstanding."
"Group A only need 1 signature, Group B need 2 signatures. U all work in banks should know what i meant right?"
"Yah. I understand very clearly but cause it's written down so it's better to phrase it more straight forward."
"Hmm.. I don't know how to paraphrase it to make it any clearer. Why don't you tell me what to write."
"Errr... Just say something like, "For any amount, Group A dash 1 to sign and Group B dash 2 to sign.""
Reflecting on this incident as I'm writing made me realise that im indeed a fool and terribly ignorant to even have the intention of defaming them when im the idiot. If they had wanted me to write sentences, they would have drawn lines in the box! How could i not notice!? Did you not know that too?? We have been groomed and so accustomed to writting essays, emails and formal business letters that when we're given an empty box, we under-utilize our ability to express ourselves. From now on, I will make full use of such empty spaces to express myself to the fullest. On a seperate occassion, this SCB lady teller who looks around early thirties was serving me. She passed me the bundle of cash and i asked for an envelope to put them in. The stack was quite thick and she saw me having problem closing the lid and she said to me, "Do you need Skors-stage?"
"Do you need Skors-stage?"
"OH! No need! Thanks!" and i walked out am-chioing in my head, cursing why nobody's with me to hear this!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to Remove iPhone Cover

I bought Dee an Uncommon Capsule Case for her iPhone. It's the sliding kind which is suppose to be the best type. It's really thick and the design is similar to this Owl . After using it for 2months, Dee wanted to take out the cover to clean some accumulated dust but she couldn't. It didn't even budge unless u count 0.1cm as something significant. So she just ditched the idea and waited, hoping one day the case will decide to come out on its own (like we all do).
Another 2 months past, I bought her a UNU battery case that has a fitted flash light. This time she attempts to take the cover out again to fit her new gadget on but yeah, its just so super tightly snugged like it was cemented. I tried googling for help and the results were:
1. Place your iPhone in the freezer for 5mins so that your phone will contract.
2. Break the whole case into small pieces since ur probably damn pissed off anyway!
3. Put some kinda oil to lubricate the sides and it will slide off easily. The person mentioned a specific brand of oil but i've forgotten and think it's too risky already. Seep in how?? Dee will kill me!
Anyway, i started to look for objects that can fit thru the ear piece hole on top of the case.
I finally found this permanent marker that has a tough eraser at the end that can fit through! With a few thuds, i was able to slide the case out about 3cm! So i immediately when to show Dee with a WIDE grin that i achieved something.. hehehe... But my grin was short-lived.
Even though i was able to fit my fingers thru, i couldnt take it out at all. And it hurt my fingers so much yah.. Can't even wiggle it through! >_<"

My last resort which really worked rather quickly and without much effort..

I took a few different type of round chopsticks to try and yeah, they fit quite well! Hold the chopstick in place with ur thumb firmly. Hold the top part firm enough to balance the phone and loose enough for it to slide up upon impact. Once ready, thrust the phone + Chopstick downwards with reasonable force. Newton says Force = Mass X Acceleration, but over here, i'l like to think that:
Start slow and increase the force along with sense of desperation. Dee's phone came out entirely with around 3-4 thrusts.
If you find this tip useful, or even just slightly entertaining, please click on the advertisement and help your pal out.. :)
Disclaimer: This is how i managed to get my phone out safe and sound. Under no circumstances shall this post or i be responsible for any breakage of chopsticks or iphones.