Monday, May 17, 2010

Pinkdot 2010 - Triumphant Declaration

It was my virgin Pinkdot. Glad to see many supporting families and frens, spreading the message of love and acceptance. The Pinkdot video are very touching. If you have not seen it, please go! It's an opportunity for you to kick your daily thoughts of chores and start thinking about the bigger picture for a moment before you resume to the humanity regressive 9-5pm cycle.

Dee didn't go last year and her frens who were able to spot themselves on the aerial pic must have made alot of triumphant declarations (TDs) on facebook. This year, she brought me there with great determination to accomplish the mission of being in the aerial pic.
However, when we got there, i realise that Dee was wrong. It wasn't about being in the aerial pic and posting TDs. She must have been blinded by envy and took the TD decoys. Being surrounded by >4000 people in pink, my competive alterego started to realise that it was all about being the Pinkiest!! It is a pink war~!
In my head, i started a Pink point system with the tone of pink that peopel are wearing, number of pink accessories, presence of non-pink member in the group and animals in pink were bonus points. Below is a brief description of my warfare vision on that day.

The average attendees:

Pink War Winner:

Anyway, unprepared to fight the pink war with Dee, I returned my focus to fight the fake war and won the "ability to spot myself faster than Dee with my ultra topology and geomatric skills" award.

Unfortunately, Marilyn, Melvin and Yi were cut off from the pic.

TD for Pinkdot 2010: Better luck next year!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lorry Car Chase

Today on my way to work, I saw this lorry in front of me which i thought was quite cool! So i took out my stupid phone, switch it to camera mode and waited for 2seconds for it to unhang (its always lagging), the lights were green and the lorry took off. I had to switch between looking at the road and lorry in the camera like 5000times per second. The number of tasks that are required to be done all at the same time requires high level of coordination and skills. I did a little sketch of me performing this dangerous act that should not be attempted unless you're a pro!

I missed my opportunity when he was waiting to turn right into Tiong Bahru Plaza. With my sharp decision-making skills, i did the turn out of the usual route that i take to work to follow him to chase the shot. My senses told me that i have to go for it! There's nothing that can stop me from taking this pic! I cannot let my viewers down!

There it is...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mounting Fuji

I know how economically unwise it might be for big companies to pick parts out of their factories all over the world to repair a camera. But this is just silly..! I'm so overwhelmed by ridicule now i wanna say the next sentence in spasms.


ok, i think the pic might be too challenging for those with Presbyopia. Here is the type out:
To: Fujifilm
Cc: Brenda, Marilyn, Lesley
Hi there,

I’ve just grown to love the FUJI Instax Mini 25 after holding it for half a day. Me and my bunch of friends were having a lot of fun with it and were very happy with the instant quality photos that we got during my friend’s hen’s party. Unfortunately, the camera dropped on the beach, the sand invaded our camera and ended our fun.

My bunch of friends and I were contemplating whether to fix it or to buy a new camera. But knowing that it’s a Japan version which we won’t be able to find in Singapore, we decided that FUJI should be able to do the magic and shall just get a quotation first. There I was at your office on the 4th May, greatly appalled by the $10.70 Diagnostic Fee just to get a quotation for the repair.

It’s 13th May today and I haven’t gotten any quotations from any of your technicians or customer service officers. When I called, one of your employee just told me that it’s more economical to buy a new one than to repair the camera as they will have to change EVERYTHING inside the camera. And the cost of shipping all the parts required will not be economically wise. I reminded him that I won’t be able to get this model in Singapore. And I need a figure of how much it would cost for him to repair it but he is just not answering me and repeated the economically wise speech. I paid $10.70 to get a quotation so I think I deserve a proper answer 9 days later. However, without giving me an answer, he decided to get another technician to call me back to tell me.

15 minutes later, I thought maybe I can just buy the same model off the internet and swap the cover back to the original one. So I called back to your office again. And the technician said yes, they can just change the cover and will only charge me the labour cost $50.00. I was mildly put off by the $50.00 I have to pay for changing the cover after all the unnecessary waiting and work that I have done to come up with the solution. Feeling more at ease that I finally found a solution to fix the camera, I put down the phone and told my friends the good news.

After a while, a few realizations starts to set in to my horror:

What did I pay $10.70 for? Technician did not give any options/solutions other than keep pushing me to buy a new one. I wasn’t given any useful advice and I was the one who came up with a repair solution. Plus, I still have not been given a quotation.

Technician clearly knew that this model is not sold in Singapore yet he still insist that I should just buy a new one. Like from where? This is a FUJI product, am I at a wrong place?

I resort to hunting down this particular FUJI camera model off the internet so that I can retain the original cover to ‘repair’ it, which is absolutely absurd. According to the economically wise speech, it is cheaper to buy FUJI Instax Mini 25 off eBay than for FUJI SINGAPORE to ship the same camera model from other global FUJI office to repair my camera.

This is not the type of after-sale service that we have expected especially from a Japanese company.

Pei Pei
Marketing Executive