Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taipei Hilton #2

A fren related this story to me, its a true account of her cousin's experience in the hotel. The couple just got back to the hotel from their shopping spree. While walking towards the lift lobby, she noticed these 3 huge paintings on the walkway that looked a bit out of place. So she nudged her husband and said casually in Mandarin, "Aren't these painting weird?" The moment she finish her sentence, she suddenly just fell forward, face down onto the flat polished floor, shopping bags flung all over the place.

Her husband was stunned cause she didn't even lose her balance before the fall, it was just too sudden and too fast. He held her up and asked her what happened. She said that she didn't trip,

something smacked into her...

It has been rumoured that the spirits in the hotel are very xiong. The 3 paintings in the lobby are said to have tailmans hidden behind them. And they are placed there to supress the Sha Qi!

Do you anything placed in an unusual spot or placed in a different way? You think its art? I think think its for the 'residents'...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taipei Hilton Hotel #1

I've heard of many ghost stories and even been thru a few eerie moments in my life. But this Hilton Hotel in Taiwan is really one of the scariest stories that will make me shit my pants. I was told that the hotel is very haunted. Singapore Airlines no longer place their staff there but if you ask any senior steward/ess that flies to Taiwan, they will know:

It's usually placed in secluded cupboard high above sight. Check the top deep end of the wardrobe, fridge or above the mini bar.

They say the urns are to subdue the evil spirits, keep them from disturbing the guests in the rooms. Do you dare to search for it??

Update on New Majestic Hotel Post

I received a msg earlier today from a close fren who said my crime posts are dry despite all the effort that i've put in creating the pics which i thought were hilarious. If i were to rate myself, i would have given myself a 7/10 but her response felt like a 2/10. She prefered the Freaky Friday the 13th post and said it gave her chills. So, turning despair into progress, I have constructively taken her advise to good use and to put up a picture for that post to top up the horror factor. ENJOY!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Freaky Friday the 13th!!

This morning I went over to New Majestic Hotel to pick up my fren who just flew in from Miri yesterday. When i got there, i was surprised that she was already at the lobby having a smoke cause i purposely parked my car, wanted to go up and look at her room! However, she looked a bit stressed and told me that she just kena something she think is very weird.

She left her underwear in the shower after she bathed at around 3.30am last night. In between, she and her fren went to the loo agar 3 times and there weren't anything unusual. This morning, after washing up, she put on the DO NOT DISTURB sign and went down to the restaurant for her complimentary breakfast. And when she came back, she found her underwear


I felt the super cold chill down my spine the very instant and all my hair (i have a lot) stood on ends! But because she still have another 3 nights stay, I told her, "AIYA! It's the draft lah! U know, in an enclosed area when u open or close the door, there's the wind!" She gave me this deadly stare and brought me up to look at her room. At that point, I already cannot make it, i wanted to siam, change topic and leave liao but she started walking back to the hotel. My hair was standing all the way. At the lobby the lift door open only my heart skipped a beat. Where got people design to put green lighting inside the lift one??!!! so fucking eerie!

Her room is a 2 storey Loft. Although the bathroom is small, the shower and the toilet bowl is a distance away, seperated by a glass divider. So if it's really a draft, the wind direction will need to have enough speed to lift the underwear in one direction and then boomerang it in another trajectory to enter the toilet bowl... The moment we're out of the room, i start to think of the Taiwan Hilton Hotel stories. And i started questioning in my head, if any of the decor are unusual that could have hidden tailsmans or urns inside them to counter this kinda thing. Hmm...

A Piece of Advice: If you cannot solve the underwear mystery, you better start praying.

*24/8/10: Updated picture to this post cause Rong says will attract hits.

Friday, August 13, 2010

7th Month Encounter When Praying

Last night before i went to meet Klara, i decided to help my mom with the incense and offerings for the 7th month. If you don't know, or don't recall, the lunar 7th month is the Hungry Ghost Festival aka, 1month holiday for all the residents of hell. Anyway, right after i prayed and plant the joss sticks into the ground, as i stood back up, i thought i saw a dark shadow at the corner of my eye. The moment i turned towards my left, the shadow kinda swirled and vanished. This happened in less than 2seconds. I wasn't SCARED scared but i did have a bit of a HUH!? in my heart silently maybe cause its too fast to register. I decided that it MUST be my shadow cause im standing under the lamp post and stop my thoughts from running wild.

5hours later, I siamed a road block at Outram Rd which i would have definitely failed the breathelizer. And today i got totally drenched at Jurrasic Park and my iPhone 4 survived!

If you wanna siam road block or save ur iPhone, you better pray now!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Crime Doesn't Bother Me - #3 People Asking for Money

3. People Asking for Money

There are basically 2 types of people who will ask you for money and the anxiety level varies with the type of people that you meet. The first type is the homeless. They are pretty harmless, have their own comfortable sites to display their 'artwork' or just to rest/hang around. They go by pulling your heart strings to your money and don't approach you unless they are desperate. They are probably the best at handling rejections though sometimes, there are those grouchy or crazy ones who will act out on you. But don't have to worry, they usually don't run after people who insult/assault them cause they have too many things to carry on the move.
The second type are the ones that you need to be careful of - Junkies. They are always there in the city, loitering at fastfood restaurants (not just dodgy places) and you'll bound to be approached by them sometime. They are socially functioning/working people, who might be drug runners, pushers, prostitutes or possible multi-tasking all these roles in the underworld. If they are tweaking, their senses are even more hyped up, they can possibly run after you like a Cheetah, and pound at you better than a hungry grizzly.

They usually tell (they don't ask) you to give them money and when you don't, you'll hurt their feelings. They are not good at handling rejections at all possibly due to working under an even more jialat boss/have not slept for 2weeks/suffering from withdrawals/had to give 15 blowjobs at the back alley during lunch time/feeling worried about a rash/syphillis acting up/etc.

So just treat them with a bit more respect than you normally would to your boss and show them your sincerity. Look at them in the eye, say ok and make an effort to dig your pockets for a good 5-10secs before you give them a dollar or two. They will leave you alone and sometimes even say thanks (really hard to anticipate how they'll react).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crime Doesn't Bother Me - #2 Racist Remarks

2. Random Racist Remarks

These remarks usually makes me very irritated/angry and sometimes confuse but definitely not scared. Sometimes you hear something angry but u can't make out what it is. Or, you're not sure if it was aimed at you or somebody else. These cowardly buggers usually hurl insults on the move - in a car, on a tram, in a train, as they are walking away, etc.
I place this in #2 because the anxiety/anger grows and dwells for a while. Yet there's nothing much u can do to get back at them, so typically i'll just ignore them and then in my head formulate a 3sec phrase that i can spit back the next time it happens. But it never worked cause they always say something new!
*Disclaimer: Picture is made up purely for dipiction purposes. Do not relate the person in the picture to be racist against asians or stick figures.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Crime Doesn't Bother Me - #1 Stalking

I've decided to come up with a list of 'CRIMES' that i've experienced in Melbourne that's worth ur entertainment. It's quite a list and not ALL were crimes. Some were just "Hmm, it would've been a crime if i hadn't outsmarted the aggressor!" I've ranked them in terms of the anxiety/fear i felt..
1. Stalked by a Stranger

Being stalked when you're alone CAN be really frightening! But i wasn't scared at all when it happened to me cause I didn't realise it until i got into my car and thought to myself, "Hmm, that guy was acting rather weird isn't it..?" Anyway, I was just walking out of Pacific Seafood when i noticed this japanese guy walking past me. I turned into the small dark lane at the end of the road towards my car. While turning, i felt a bit weird, like an intuition thing. The voice in my head just told me to walk in the middle of the road. And at the very instant, from the corner of my eye, I saw the japanese guy now walking in my direction, also turning into the small lane.When I got to my car, i took my time to open the door and place my takeaway properly, and also to take a good look at the guy. He immediately stopped and turned towards this restaurant that's right next to him, looking high and low inside as if he was searching for someone/something. Where got timing so zun, i stop at my car and he also stop walking? And come one lah! The restaurant had full length glass windows and so brightly lit. You can see everything in a glance..