Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DBS is Shit

Why? WHY?! Why must i always face this kinda situation where big corporates think they can way their way with me and sodomise me? It's already shit to fill up 4-5 pages of application form. Suay suay 1 mistake and i need to go get another set of fresh forms to fill. And how unfortunate can i get? This CB Giao Torh customer service gave me 1 page short in the set of application forms! Imbecile! Here's the rest of the story which i wrote on the Customer Feedback Form just 5mins ago. Fuck you DBS for your ever long queues and overpaid shit manager!

Hi there, our company intended to open another coporate account for our newly set up company called G****** International Pte Ltd. I went to the Habourfront branch last Tuesday/Wednesday and submitted the application forms together with a $40,000 cheque to this nice Malay lady whom i think her name was ***. She called me last Friday to tell me that my application was rejected and she is unable to give me the reason as to why. She had duly adviced me to go back to the branch to collect the cheque. Instead, i requested that she get somebody who can help me to call me back. She promptly got the manager to call me and i explained to her that we have got 3 corporate accounts with DBS and would like our new company to be with DBS so that it'll be more convenient for us. She said she'll review the application and get back to me on monday, 7th June.

Today is already the 8th of June. I have received no replies from her. I called the 1800-111-1111 earlier and your customer service said they'll get her to contact me asap. Its already 6pm now and i still have received no news.

If your bank is unwilling to support our new business then please return me my $40,000 cheque. Don't hold it for 1 god damn week and not give me any news. I truly hope you guys have not misplaced or lost my cheque or conveniently forgotten to follow up on my case.

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