Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to Remove iPhone Cover

I bought Dee an Uncommon Capsule Case for her iPhone. It's the sliding kind which is suppose to be the best type. It's really thick and the design is similar to this Owl . After using it for 2months, Dee wanted to take out the cover to clean some accumulated dust but she couldn't. It didn't even budge unless u count 0.1cm as something significant. So she just ditched the idea and waited, hoping one day the case will decide to come out on its own (like we all do).
Another 2 months past, I bought her a UNU battery case that has a fitted flash light. This time she attempts to take the cover out again to fit her new gadget on but yeah, its just so super tightly snugged like it was cemented. I tried googling for help and the results were:
1. Place your iPhone in the freezer for 5mins so that your phone will contract.
2. Break the whole case into small pieces since ur probably damn pissed off anyway!
3. Put some kinda oil to lubricate the sides and it will slide off easily. The person mentioned a specific brand of oil but i've forgotten and think it's too risky already. Seep in how?? Dee will kill me!
Anyway, i started to look for objects that can fit thru the ear piece hole on top of the case.
I finally found this permanent marker that has a tough eraser at the end that can fit through! With a few thuds, i was able to slide the case out about 3cm! So i immediately when to show Dee with a WIDE grin that i achieved something.. hehehe... But my grin was short-lived.
Even though i was able to fit my fingers thru, i couldnt take it out at all. And it hurt my fingers so much yah.. Can't even wiggle it through! >_<"

My last resort which really worked rather quickly and without much effort..

I took a few different type of round chopsticks to try and yeah, they fit quite well! Hold the chopstick in place with ur thumb firmly. Hold the top part firm enough to balance the phone and loose enough for it to slide up upon impact. Once ready, thrust the phone + Chopstick downwards with reasonable force. Newton says Force = Mass X Acceleration, but over here, i'l like to think that:
Start slow and increase the force along with sense of desperation. Dee's phone came out entirely with around 3-4 thrusts.
If you find this tip useful, or even just slightly entertaining, please click on the advertisement and help your pal out.. :)
Disclaimer: This is how i managed to get my phone out safe and sound. Under no circumstances shall this post or i be responsible for any breakage of chopsticks or iphones.


  1. I'm loving the pictures, but I have an iPod touch so the earpiece won't work for me!! I clicked the add.

  2. Thanks so much! It worked perfectly for my iPhone 3G.

  3. Was able to just use a pencil w/eraser on my iPhone 3GS. I enjoyed your illustrations, though. :-)

  4. i got lub and chop stick action going on and it's still not working!

  5. It worrrkedddd!!!!! :D
    But I did broke 2 chopsticks, ah well!

  6. Perfection! Thank you -- I tried for 40 minutes on my own. Watched a YouTube video of how they go on. Tried for another 30 minutes, then found your post. I appreciate the time you took to share!


  7. doesnt work . tried everything on the list of suggestions that you have googled up .. ;'(