Saturday, December 3, 2011

First experience being in the middle of the Universe

It was a very high and dark starry night sky. Just the right amount of moonlight, dimly romancing my vision. The stars were dazzling, bright and sharp, spotting the infinite dark universe. No faraway blinking satellite nonsense.

This is close to what i saw where i was, only way darker, fewer but distinct stars. Right in the middle of it, i was on the white mattress laid on fresh green grass patch. I could feel the gentle breeze relieving the heat, not too chilly, not too warm, just right. It was amazing and then i started to flip back to reality in flashes like teleportation. I fought hard to stay in the hole, but i was sucked back eventually. Exhausted and trying to make sense of things, i brought myself back, lying there in bed, just breathing.