Monday, June 21, 2010

Study Methods for CEHA Paper 2 & 3

I just got back my CEHA results a while ago and to my horror, I failed Paper 1 which I had studied the most. I was so super confident that I will score since I've done some business law units when i was in Uni. Surprisingly, I passed Paper 2 and Paper 3 which i thought i would have definitely failed. Thinking back, I presume it must have been the different studying methods that I've used.

Study Method for Paper 1: FAIL
I attended almost all of the lessons very attentively. Tirelessly wrote alot of notes on each topic. Printed notes to revise and memorise the god damn URA Act and the sickening Development Charge etc.

Do drop me a mail if you want my fabulous notes. I more than happy to share with you my knowledge like how I'm sharing the correct method to study for CEHA to the world.

Study Method for Paper 2 and Paper 3: PASSED
Step 1 - Procrastinate and slowly taper off your attendance to the Paper 2 and Paper 3 classes. Get ur classmates to mark the attendance for you - very important!

Step 2 - Book tickets and go to London for 10 days. Walk around the city and take lots of pictures.

Step 3 - Eat lots of fish and chips.

Step 4 - Go on a road trip to Stonehenge.

Step 5, 6, 7 and 8 - Go to Gala and play a few rounds of blackjack. Drink lots of beer. Go to Saatchi Gallery and get inspired. Fly back to Singapore and skim through the CEHA notes the night before the exam.

Exam Tips:

During Paper 1, I drafted and planned what I had wanted to write. Processed my thoughts in argueing each case with reference to the relevant laws that I had remembered by heart. Wrote with much clarity and finished what I had wanted to express ahead of time. I can't emphasize enough, I failed this paper so please do not adopt this method of studying and exam habits!!

What you really need to know about how to prepare for Paper 2 & Paper 3 is to panic and regret not being disciplined enough to study during the London trip. Give up on simple calculation questions even though you have memorised the Development Charge formular, yet feeling confused and not quite confident to apply. Pick open-ended questions where you do not require to give a definite or quantified answer. And then bullshit and smoke through with all the mini bits and fragments of memory you had of yourself sitting back in the CEHA class playing with ur phone. This is how I got through Paper 2 and 3!!

Anybody with tips to tackle Paper 1 please contact me asap! I'm retaking it in July..!! Need help!


  1. Hi I am a markinging researcher for a tenancy agency but my company ask every employee to pass CEHA. So here I am. Could you please send me a copy of your note? Thank you very much. My e-mail is

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  2. think the problem with paper 1 is how the paper/questions were set, it had been a combination of some marketing and business questions, which they should confine strictly to law only, think they were confused sometime and thought paper 1 is the only paper in Ceha..ha ha hah.

  3. Hi. May i hv a copy of your notes?
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