Monday, June 7, 2010

Fujifilm Mounted!

I received a call from Fujifilm 1 week after I sent them the Service Feedback email. Those who missed out, please read the email in my previous post. (It's a joy to read and will also give you a great sense of justice, that our voice as a consumer is being heard!)

Anyway! The manager called and told me that they have taken apart the camera, took them alot of effort to blow out all the sand particles from the littlest crevices and fixed it. They will not charge me any money for it, except for the $10.70 that i have already paid. And on top of that, they have contacted their Japan office to try and find out how much it would cost for an exact new set to be shipped in for me.

I was catch unprepared, so i said, "Oh, ok. That's great. So when can I go collect the camera? Tomorrow?" in a really calm and straight voice even though i was in fact jumping up and down, feeling victorious! It was like that one time in JC when i scored 12/20 for the econs essay where the rest of my class had failed theirs. Super duper happy but i have to keep it inside to remain diplomatic.. The moment i put down the phone, i was sending VICTORY emails to everybody.

I was back to the service centre once again to collect the repaired camera, nothing changed. The reception was slow and the same malay girl serving me took like 15mins to find my camera in all the drawers to then realise that it's with the manager. The manager came out to meet me personally and apologised to me about the technician. We did a test shot and the quality remained great but can see the side of the lens were badly scratched when its extended.

Jessica was very upset about it for quite a while. I was upset that i broke her camera and got it badly scratched too. At the same time, I'm head over heels about winning this battle! Wheeee!

Kenny, if you're reading this, you must feel proud that the camera went to battle and came back with victory k!