Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taipei Hilton #2

A fren related this story to me, its a true account of her cousin's experience in the hotel. The couple just got back to the hotel from their shopping spree. While walking towards the lift lobby, she noticed these 3 huge paintings on the walkway that looked a bit out of place. So she nudged her husband and said casually in Mandarin, "Aren't these painting weird?" The moment she finish her sentence, she suddenly just fell forward, face down onto the flat polished floor, shopping bags flung all over the place.

Her husband was stunned cause she didn't even lose her balance before the fall, it was just too sudden and too fast. He held her up and asked her what happened. She said that she didn't trip,

something smacked into her...

It has been rumoured that the spirits in the hotel are very xiong. The 3 paintings in the lobby are said to have tailmans hidden behind them. And they are placed there to supress the Sha Qi!

Do you anything placed in an unusual spot or placed in a different way? You think its art? I think think its for the 'residents'...

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