Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crime Doesn't Bother Me - #2 Racist Remarks

2. Random Racist Remarks

These remarks usually makes me very irritated/angry and sometimes confuse but definitely not scared. Sometimes you hear something angry but u can't make out what it is. Or, you're not sure if it was aimed at you or somebody else. These cowardly buggers usually hurl insults on the move - in a car, on a tram, in a train, as they are walking away, etc.
I place this in #2 because the anxiety/anger grows and dwells for a while. Yet there's nothing much u can do to get back at them, so typically i'll just ignore them and then in my head formulate a 3sec phrase that i can spit back the next time it happens. But it never worked cause they always say something new!
*Disclaimer: Picture is made up purely for dipiction purposes. Do not relate the person in the picture to be racist against asians or stick figures.

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