Monday, May 30, 2011

It Has To Be a Fight Club

I had a very different perception of the same dialogue that took place. This happens quite frequently cause i'm not always paying attention and i'm just different.. I was there when things happened, i spoke up but too little in effect to make any difference to help. Therefore now i watch things happen in regret. I who rule by the mind should have guided those who ruled by the heart, but i got clouded and swayed. And at this point i remind myself that by pointing my own fingers at myself first, i'm still steering in the right healthy side.

Since when do we have contempt? doubt? selfishness? emotional irresponsibility? We have shown more of these traits of the lesser us. It is silly to think that things will fall in place with time by now, we should all be warned.

In this i'll learn to make an ever more positive impact to deter negativity. It is not a battle. It has to be a fight club.

Our time is ticking...

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