Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Loan Shark Diary # 1

Last week, I went home after work to change before going out to catch The Hossan Leong Show. Dee came back 10mins after me and we made our move shortly. Walking towards the loading/unloading bay, i saw 2 guys standing and chatting at the back of my car. The moment i was about to drive off, this fat guy in spectacles came to my side and stared at me! He opened my car door, stopped me and asked, "Are you XXX?!" Me and Dee were damn shocked of course and also felt damn ridiculous at the same time cause XXX is obviously a guy's name! What an IDIOT... He then asked if i was related to XXX.

I'm like who the fuck are you? Come open my car door and interogate me? So i asked him back "Who are you? What do you want?" and the fat retard just walked off to the back of my car to join his fren who is going hysterical on the phone.

I was feeling damn annoyed, angry and scared at the same time. Dee was stunned and told me "Suan Le lah! Let's go! We're late already!" But my guts got ahead of me and i unbuckled my seat belt and got off the car. At that point i know Dee got scared but i didnt know that she will follow me and get off the car too.

I overheard his fren on the phone saying in Chinese (without the malaysian accent), "The car plate number XXXX u ask me to find is here but the driver is not XXX! It's a lady! She's here!" After hearing this, i grew even suspicious of these 2 guys so i took out my iPhone 4 and took pictures of them. Thank god the lousy iPhone 4 has got flash! The guy on the phone didn't even bother to dodge the camera.

I've sketched a pic of them below. Please drop me a mail if you've seen them. thanks~!

I think the fat idiot got stunned by me getting off the car and took a pic of his fren. He tried to take a picture of me too but is a step behind me. I headed back to my car and was moving off already, the fat guy came and stood in front of my car and i had to ZAM BRAKE! He was still holding onto his phone, stretching his arms out, taking his time to try and take a good picture of me.

At this point, my thoughts caught up and i felt the need to escape from these 2 men. Cause up till this point, i have no idea what these 2 men's intentions are and i feel damn threatened that they somehow got my car number, followed me home and then now try to take pictures of me. i started inching forward but Dee said NO! I got very angry and the adrenaline kept coming so i quickly put the gear back to park, ready to get off the car to jump him. The fat idiot just left.


After driving for 5-10mins, the adrenaline subsided and i started to get more and more worried about later going back home. Will they be there waiting for me again?? Will they do something to my car??


  1. hey...wanted to inform you that the 2 guys are prob told to look for the car. They took your pics to show that they did their job as they were told(to locate the car). So they prob gona go back and show their "boss" their "effort" to get paid. chill...they wont find trouble for sure..

  2. I'm more or less assured that if anything happens to my car or to me when im in the car, the police will be after them. And if i see them again, i will really hurt them bad and then plea for threat and PMS.