Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Money Lender

Last night i took over a colleague's car and parked it at my house the multi-storey carpark. Thought i can transfer the remaining season parking from the Mazda to this bulky Hyundai. Reach home open up the HDB website then they say cannot, ask me go to nearest branch during office hours. TMD~!!

This morning when i went to take my car, i saw this slim white colour note on my windscreen from afar. Really thought it's a parking fine but its not.. it was a namecard size flyer??
Observation and Analysis:
1. I've done a search on Bizfile, its not a registered entity.

2. What kinda company answer phone calls from 2.30pm - 8pm? I'm thinking this guy must be in the night business. Only free to pick up calls when he wakes up at 1pm and before he goes to work at 9pm.

3. All types of loans = Daily, Weekly and Monthly payment*. Shouldn't it be like Mortgage loan, Investment loan, business loan etc? Btw, is daily and weekly repayment suppose to be a plus point?

4. Easi approval in less than 30mins. How easy is easi? 30mins for him to contact RunnerA, RunnerA to sms RunnerB, RunnerB to BBM RunnerC, etc all the way to the Ah Long right?


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