Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I think I'm an Action Person

I remember reading one of those psycho-analytic books whereby you fill up questionaires and they tell u what kinda person u are. The one that i read has got 4 categories, Visual, Audio, Action and Feeling (i think). It determines what kinda cues will respond to you more effectively and efficiently. My result was Action and then i passed the book onto my friend and then she found out that i did the questionaire wrongly - i ranked the answers the other way round. GREAT! I think that im pretty much an action person but the book says that im not. But i've come to realise that all these don't matter anyway cause what you've done and/or what you've said is irrelevant. Why? Because many times it's up to what the other party think of what she has heard (not neccessary the whole story).

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