Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What are my skills?

Just the other day, I was reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad while pooing in the loo. It was talking about specializing skills in a profession. Like professors, the most common way that they can get a higher salary is by studying more and more about less and less. And its these sort of specialization that makes them more and more vulnerable in the economy. So much that they will be entirely dependent on unions to help them out when shit happens. The chapter straight away made me think of a previous conversation i had with my frens. They were saying that they can teach Chemical Engineering and Hospitality. And i am the Jack of all trades, master of none. To which I said, I would like to set-up and run campus activities.

It just hit me that when i said that, I was in fact choosing my own interest and not a job without knowing it. Though not so much as to be THE passion, but yah, I guess its because i don't have and am not confined to a specialty. And most of all, I like going for road trips, camps and adventure.

What are my skills? I know how to register a business, what are the legal requirements, accounting using MYOB, CPF contribution. Compared to my frens, i think im pretty good with numbers which is always handy in formulating my own excel sheets for splitting up party costs to tabulating mortgage loan interests.

The skills that i need:
- Sales
- Network
- Rapport
- u n L a z i n e s s

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