Friday, May 14, 2010

Lorry Car Chase

Today on my way to work, I saw this lorry in front of me which i thought was quite cool! So i took out my stupid phone, switch it to camera mode and waited for 2seconds for it to unhang (its always lagging), the lights were green and the lorry took off. I had to switch between looking at the road and lorry in the camera like 5000times per second. The number of tasks that are required to be done all at the same time requires high level of coordination and skills. I did a little sketch of me performing this dangerous act that should not be attempted unless you're a pro!

I missed my opportunity when he was waiting to turn right into Tiong Bahru Plaza. With my sharp decision-making skills, i did the turn out of the usual route that i take to work to follow him to chase the shot. My senses told me that i have to go for it! There's nothing that can stop me from taking this pic! I cannot let my viewers down!

There it is...

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  1. So.....what is so cool about the lorry again??