Friday, February 12, 2010

My first post~!

I've been procrastinating on writing my first post since i set up this blog. Why? i couldn't decide what would be a good opening topic for me to talk about.

1. Overeasy event where ladies get free drinks according to the size of their breasts
2. Pastor Rony Tan poking fun of Taoism and Buddhism
3. Romanian Ambassdor hit-and-run and then stir up a controversy

the longer i take to think (or procrastinate), the more issues arose to talk about.. *don't give up*

Anyway~! to set a better flow of blog production, this blog shall be set to writing controversial issues like the above and also issues in my surrounding. always alot of things to think, reflect and kaobey about. oooh, and i should probably set a point to journal my lifelong arguements with the few different but important people in my life. that'll be fun cause over here, i get to say all i want and therefore i win!

i guess this is a somewhat an OK starting post, setting some directions and expectations. Hopefully the next post i can title "CNY Winnings"..


  1. you started on 12th feb!?
    you update slower than wtfamiwearing!

  2. can say something more positive not!? >:,

  3. haha you said must be controversial ma.